Q. Do I really need an interior designer for my project?

A. Only you can decide whether or not you need an interior designer. Interior designers will optimize the use of space. We are professionals who do this day in and day out. We plan our work which intern eliminates the cost of correction and re-work. We thoroughly understand the markets, materials available, their pros & cons and have long standing relations with work contractors, thus we can effectively guide you about new products, better alternatives which are specific to your needs.

We add value to your vision and style. We can provide solutions which may not have occurred to you. You can definitely benefit from our objective viewpoint, experience and knowledge bank.

One last reason that interior design is important is that most people simply don't have the time and/or skills to do it themselves. Everybody wants to live or work in a place that they can be proud of and that they like the looks of. Actually getting your place to look good and stylish within a specified budget is a challenge, which interior designers are used to facing in their profession.

Q. When do I need to involve an interior designer in my project?

A. The earlier the better. We interact the client and help develop the course of action required for personalized design solutions that depict their lifestyle..

Q. What is your firm's design style?

A. All of our interior designers have personal tastes, but we do not impose those on our clients. We do not believe in creating "cookie cutter" designs based on current trends. It is our job to engage you, to listen to your wants and needs, and to assist you in creating a space which is totally reflective of your personality, your lifestyle, and addresses your design needs. It is our job to apply the principles of design and assure that you do not make costly mistakes through oversight or lack of understanding of the design process.